Rebecca Dallek - Career and Leadership Coach - Washington DC

Partnering with Women for Professional Change

As a Career and Leadership Coach, I work with female professionals to achieve professional satisfaction.  All change is challenging, but professional change can be particularly difficult.  It is important to remember that while change is hard, it is often necessary and always possible.  I bring proven techniques, structures and tools that help you achieve your professional goals.  I am passionate about this subject and committed to the success of my clients.

Together, we will partner for professional change.

Career Transition

Do you suspect that your career is not a good match for you? Did you fall into a career and now feel stuck there? Did you dedicate many years and dollars to a career only to find yourself really dissatisfied? We’ll work together to determine what careers work with your personality traits, skill-sets, workplace values and lifestyle. Careers are not a one-size-fits-all model. Each person is better suited for certain careers and jobs. My comprehensive approach to career change will help you determine and transition to your new career.

Career Management

Do you like your career but don’t see a clear path forward? Are you are struggling to fit in culturally with your organization? Is it difficult to get along with peers? Is a difficult boss making your entire career unmanageable? Are you having work-life conflicts and work always wins? These are just a few of the struggles we face in careers even when that career is a good fit. Together, we will identify the fault lines at work, create a gap analysis, understand why the triggers exist and work to manage them.

Leadership Development

Every person has the ability to be a leader in their workplace. Leadership development requires an understanding of your professional strengths, behaviors and habits. Career growth comes from thoughtful and intentional choices. Through the leadership coaching process, you will create professional goals, determine the barriers that exist and maximize your potential. Research-based methods and assessments are employed to help you determine your avenues to career advancement and achieve professional satisfaction.