Playing Twister

“I can’t make a decision”, she says.  “I’m stuck”, says another.  I hear, “I have too many choices” or “there are no choices out there”.

Have you ever played twister?  You put your elbow on red, foot on green and your hand on yellow.  As expected, you get twisted up like a pretzel.

Let’s say you can’t decide what next job or career to go after.  Alternatively, you are having trouble deciding how to brand yourself so that you can align to your next job.  Maybe, you can’t decide what to do to get to that next best job.

That is what the twister board of caDallekCoaching_Twister_Careersreer and job change looks like.  This is what stuck looks like.

Instead, let’s try a new version of twister. Put two feet firmly on red.  Now stop.  Don’t spin the wheel and don’t place any other appendages on the board.  Just stay on red.

Maybe red is your career pursuit in media. Possibly red is pursing a new business.  Red might be getting a new job or trying for a part-time position.  Red can be any one of the choices. Pick one and stay with it.  Maybe you stay with it for an hour, a day or a week.  You decide the length of time.

If red does not turn out to be the right color, you’ve eliminated a choice and next, you can try standing on green.