Wreck it Ralph

I went to see Wreck it Ralph with my kids the other day.  It is a movie about a guy who wrecks things in a video game at the arcade. He is really tired of always being the bad guy.

The good guy, Fix it Felix, is always getting pies, medals and parties. Wreck it Ralph lives in a dump and eats garbage. So Ralph decides to make a change.

His mission becomes  to change his ways. So he heads out into the world and tries new things: he hops into other games, wins a medal and helps a girl. I won’t give away the entire story in case you are clamoring to see this film.

In the end, Ralph does not change his stripes. He still smashes and breaks things with ease and regularity, but the difference is his intention. He no longer does it intending to be bad. While nothing changes, everything changes.

Ralph is like you. You can’t change your natural stripes. If you feel most comfortable working with variety and thinking big-picture, you are not going to make yourself love administrative work. It just doesn’t work that way.

Instead, you need to find your natural stripes, embrace them whole-heartedly and then go on and find how to best apply them.

So learn your lesson from Wreck It Ralph. Don’t change your stripes; instead, accept them and change your vantage point from there.

If your stripes are not accepted in your career, then make a change. I assure you, those stripes are not turning to spots anytime soon so your best option is to find a place where you are accepted.