Do Something for your Career Month

I’m officially naming May the “just do something for your career” month. Maybe the message isn’t as compelling as Teacher Appreciation Week or as endearing as Mother’s Day, but still, it may have some redeeming value.

May is the month of renewal, warmth and bloom. If we can apply these tenants to our careers, then maybe we can move ourselves into a new and better place.

Start by rating yourself on a scale of 1-10. What is your current level of satisfaction with your career? 1 is soul crushing, miserable and unbearable. 10 represents bliss, complete fulfillment and overwhelming happiness. Where do you stand?

Once you have your number, write down 5 things you could do to move your number up a notch. Maybe you can talk to your boss about a promotion, have coffee with someone who has a job with your dream employer, or connect with someone new on LinkedIn.

Now here comes the tricky part: do something on your list. I’m just asking for one thing to start. If you want to do all five, please do!

Once you do that one thing on your list, you can officially consider yourself part of the “do something for your career” celebration. Who knows, maybe June will be declared the “do two things” month. By next May maybe your career satisfaction self-rating will be off the charts.

Happy “do something month.”